Hair loss..... The practices of women abusing their tresses. free

For many years I have observed the practices of women  abusing their tresses.  It starts at a very young age where mothers feel that their daughters hair has to be on fleek by way of tight ponytails and braids.  We have also abused the use of relaxers by improper application and timing therefore causing irreversible scalp damage, hair loss and thining.  Improper installation and maintenance of Hair extensions also play a major role in this epidemic of hair loss.  

The medical term for hair loss or thinning is alopecia.  Alopecia, however, does not refer to one specific hair loss issue because there are several.  Androgenetic alopecia is caused by genetics, alopecia areata can be caused by auto immune disease,cicatrical alopecia is caused by connective tissue disease, traction alopecia is caused by styling.  Other causes of hair loss and or thining can be caused by hormones(pregnancy ,post partum, birth control,menopause), illness or disease( thyroid(hypo or hyper), anemia (iron deficiency), diabetes(poor blood circulation), digestive disorder or poor nutrition ,environmental (exposure to toxins ), scalp disorders (eczema,psoriasis ,seborrhea dermatitis, dandruff,fungal/ bacterial infections,parasites,stress and anxiety.  

Here are a few examples of varying types of alopecia:


If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of the above mentioned , it's very important to seek help to determine the necessary course of treatment if applicable .

You may want to search for hair loss practitioners or tricologist in your area for a consultation.

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Linda B.

Certified Hair Loss Practitioner