Clean hair / Clean skin




Here are a FEW minor things that Play A MAJOR ROLE in Clean Skin

1. Shampoo & condition hair every 2-3 for oily hair & 1 x a week for textured hair. 

2. Cover your hair a night based on style. You want to have your hair stay in place.

3. THIS to me is MOST important.  Change your pillow cases every 3- days. I know that may seem obsessive but it gets dirty. Whatever is on or in your hair seeps onto your pillow therefore leaving behind dirt & bacteria. From there All of that rubs, sits, contaminates your skin, to then go into your pores to create possible pimples, rough dry itchy unclean skin.

4. Skin Care. A routine is necessary because if there to properly cleanse and protect the skin. Last but never least, the skinny on the benefits of skincare is BALANCE. For some odd reason some people don't get it, simply put BALANCE IS THE KEY TO LIFE. SO as for your hair it should be balanced it has a PHlevel it should remain consistent at. As far as your skin there too is a balance it needs to create the right balance, which will in turn give you clear, even, clean, sun protected skin. Must I also add here since these are my tips Artistry remains in the top with quality. It is also priced the BEST and works the way it should, certainly you can say this is my product of choice. I use it, my mother uses it as well for over 20 years and she looks amazing!!! Before anyone says a word yes my mom also has great genes BUT we currently live in a different environment in which your hair skin needs protection.



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