2 major things that affect our hair & skin.........

There is so much information everywhere, it can sometimes be confusing on what to believe. Truth is sometimes I google things too & I expect the information to be correct. It's not always complete though and so here is where you have to do some research, not just search. Good thing is that I am old enough to know that google is a search engine and there is a huge difference between search and research. The bad thing is not everyone is old enough or even care to look further, its just too time consuming and whose got time? Well if you taking a moment to be nosey to see what I am saying here goes. Water has somehow become optional for people and how could that be? I hear people say all the time I just don't like the taste or I don't want to drink it. Have we become so smart that we can have computers in our hands called cell phones, but so dumb that we don't give our own bodies the very thing it needs to survive ? So I will be sure to be consistently annoying & say it daily. DRINK WATER TODAY AND EVERY DAY PEOPLE . Our bodies are made up of a range based on adult male or female anywhere between 50-75% water. 

So, when people say my hair is falling out, dry, brittle, lifeless, etc .Why is your lack of water intake not considered?  Same thing goes for skin, you will see more dryness, dullness uneven skin tone etc., in skin as well. Am I saying that water is the only issue? NO!  What I am saying though is that without the inclusion of it, things are going to be bad. 

Something to consider,  a friend gave me this analogy. When your body needs it's organs to function & water levels are not there, your body is going to pick the least important things it may need to run on. It will not say ok, "I will take water" from the heart it will pull from places like the skin and hair first. The value of those things are external but we can live without hair & dry skin. No-one wants to but they can! 

ANOTHER HUGE factor being over looked is birth control. Some how we seem to have gotten off track here too! Ladies BIRTH CONTROL is Medication and that is important to know because medication can play a huge factor in damaging your hair. It could do a multitude of things from thinking slowly or fast to making bald spots. Something else to consider as a side affect. If your doctor is a man and tells you that is not true. Please inform him that the next time he takes his BIRTH CONTROL to let you know what his side affects were. Haha!
Lets be intentional in what we put in our bodies & DRINK MORE WATER!!!