I'm still blogging.......

Hell yes! I'm still blogging,

There is no way I can let all this great overly opinionated conversation of mine go to waste. So anyway though all yall know I don't care much about the gossip in the entertainment industry BUTTTTT this stuff is ridiculous. Between people telling me they don't want to start getting their own hair styled is  because its too much money to then turn around and spend money on bad cheap bundle hair or butt injections I am stunned. I read the gossip and watch you mostly all follow blindly.

 I have been taking a moment though to check out what you guys do after the fake hair, butt, eyebrows, beauty marks etc. are on and discovered most of you ladies (like myself) love to go out and eat. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a café called Bklyn Blend with my friend to take pictures. Now here me out with this, I love great food. I also have a pretty well rounded palate. I used to be so upset when someone would tell me how good the food is somewhere then when I would go the food was average at best. I was wondering is it ,me am I too critical?? Yes, Yes I am and that's ok. Being a foodie I can be critical but also helpful to others. I am just critical enough to give the correct information. So when people say is the food good some place it is a matter of firstly what type of food does this place have ? We can then ask ok how is the service, what is the location, ambiance etc. Making certain you don't attempt to visit a café that serves basically healthy food on a 10pm dinner run is important & I think obvious. Anyway..

So back to Brooklyn Blend, did I already say AWESOME FOOD that is healthy. So the thing the I am loving the most these day are all the trendy food locations popping up. Problem is some of them look great but the food is whack.What makes a great location is food as well as service. There are some things that are not negotiable and service is one of them.  This place has it all, with an eclectic blend of flavorful food, great mix of people,comfortable seating ,topped of with amazing service....Sounds like all to me. I have officially deemed myself a food critic!  I live in long Island and will definitely be traveling tfoBklyn for brunch & blogging. I usually use Starbucks to work out of but there is nothing there I enjoy except the internet connection. As I find great locations to work out of & enjoy the food, be ready to be informed. Better yet WOKE!


Mjis..... Love your look!