Americans Don't belong at the UNITED NATIONS because there is no place made for us there!

I'm just gonna jump right in here.

We don't have jobs there that make us relevant. The roles we played were typical, no offense at all security,custodians,server & visitors.We are working in a few different areas & not that any of those jobs are bad or less than but that but a bit dissappointing.

So let me back up & start over. I was fortunate to be invited to a women's Entrepreneurship day at the UN. I must say it was a phenomenal experience as well as eye opening.

As I walk around these days I am so awakened to everything.Being a black american woman has its pros along with its cons. If you like acting it can be great. If not sucks for you because it's almost like it required to get around in life here.I love the fact that I get to choose what role in going to play. Let me explain, as a black woman no one knows what to expect when you enter a room. I can be dressed professionally, hair, makeup, nails done & I am trusted more a little more immediately but I still have to be sure to speak with an educated tone then I'm deemed a safe one. Looking any other way makes us questionable!

So I went to the event as that person "a safe one"so I was more approachable.  I got to listen to woman after woman speak about business. Much to my surprise though quite a few of them had gone to Africa to find themselves & came back to the U.S. enlightened and ready to start a business. 

I had alot of self reflecting to do & realized I am amazing, fun, caring, smart,v ery ambitious & happy I'm already African so when I do go to Africa it will be to visit have fun & reflect!

Over all we are not very well represented in America as Americans. People who come here from other nations don't understand that come that we were & still are busy building it up. Working here to drive the economy but not being taught our own free enterprise system. Glad to say times are transitioning.Kudos now for those of us who got the message & are diligent in making there dreams come true here.