Junk In.... Junk Out....

     COME ON REALLY???? People please do we really think McDonald's, Wendy's, or any other fast food is not affecting our hair. As an FYI, what you put in directly or indirectly correlates with what comes out! So really lets consider a few things. We can start with yes MORE WATER. Our bodies are made up of at least 60%water & need it to not only survive but to function properly. If it doesn't have it our bodies begin to direct the water to the most important places to keep the body running, like organs. Hair and skin would be considered least important so it would get nourished last or never. 

                 So with that said I will give you some things to stay away from that indirectly or directly take away from you. All Fast food, leaving makeup on overnight ,not protecting your skin from the sun, (skincare). Changing your pillow case weekly also adds in keeping the skin clean. That is also inclusive of fake eyelashes . Dirt and bacteria reside on the pillow cases and will allow breakouts to happen on the skin and bacteria to form on the lashes. Stress and medications of all kind(including birth control) are also a part of what can take away from our bodies..Stay healthy people. Join me in my 30 day lifestyle challenge. All you need to do is change 2 things in your diet & add in a workout. Yes walking counts too. Use the #livingsmart on you social media forums when you do! 

Mjis..... Love your look!