Building it Black Exotic Hair

" A good weave with bad hair is a waste of a good install."

If you have never heard that saying ,well there it is facts!  These days there are so many various ways to get hair. Good quality bundle hair though is not always easy. The one thing we need to remember is financially, what can you afford ? Yes I am always about that budget! 

A while back when the hair industry started changing (packs of hair starting getting thinner, wefts were thicker, more synthetics were added, etc.) I went through a process of finding hair online,praying and trusting it was nice hair, it wasn't always bad but it didn't work well. Then I tried dealing directly with companies that said they get their hair directly from India and it would be matted and tangled after one use. Needles to say as a business owner you try, fail then adjust. So as I continued to do business with other salon owners I came across a woman who said, "I'm totally happy with the hair I get and the owners are really cool too".  I then asked her so why did you make the appointment to meet with me? She continued on continued to say she was being nosy. She had also been on a hair journey as well when she started coming to Exotic. From there conversation continued to mainly be about the fact that the quality was amazing as well as the price point . You never feel stuck because you have options, best of all for her the owner is a black woman. 

So still with my $1,000 dollars worth of hair I still had left.  I went to meet this woman to possibly try her hair. Once I got there I was greeted professionally with a smile.  A young man was behind the counter, we made formal introductions and connected almost immediately. Soon to discover that they were brother and sister. How refreshing a young black family running a successful business right in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. NICE! They also service quite a few celebrity clients who realize the value of the hair.

Today Exotic hair is the premier place to shop for hair with a great reputation.
With two locations one on fulton St. and the other on Church Avenue in Brooklyn, things with them are great. The second location on Church ave. also has a beautiful inviting salon. I still to date get my hair through this dynamic duo and have not EVER experienced an issue.  Thumbs up for black owned businesses,we can and do work together! When you visit let them know I sent you.

MJis..... Love your look!