Why Are You Wearing Your Hair Like That?

In this industry where image is everything and it's all about the next fad, some people either get stuck on one style or wear one that just does nothing for them. Where did the days of consultations go?  To me, it seems to be all about the money and not about quality. It is important to be proactive as a licensed cosmetologist/ hair care professional. Let the clients know when they need a treatment, trim, haircut or a change. I believe that consultations are essential.

For example, I have a client that I've done just about everything on her hair (relaxers, color,long hair, short cuts, extensions, ponytails... You name it. She got to a point where she just started wearing wigs. Needless to say it damaged her hair. Now this is where consulting with her would make or break her new look. After discussing various options I decided to cut and color her hair. Her natural texture is very manageable and this look was very low maintenance for HER.  She is still natural and her hair has grown beautifully. Though she still may wear a weave maybe once or twice a year.

Also there may be a client that has worn their hair long for most of their life, with aging, the hair tends to lose density and the texture may change. Also medications and lack of essential vitamins and stress may cause a persons hair to change as well. Again at this point consultation is key. Bring any changes you see to the client's attention. Suggest change along with various treatments. Nevertheless having a client walk around with a head of unhealthy hair is a bad reflection on the hair care professional, not necessarily the person.

On the other hand, people don't be afraid of change. Look through magazines and check out different looks whether it's a haircut, color, or protective styling. Consult with your Hair Care Professional. If you notice change in your own hair, say something. Don't wait on someone to ask you "Why are you wearing your hair like that?".