The Beauty Boutique, Inc.

 I have been a stylist for 30 years  (started YOUNG), however, I have been licensed for 17 years. 
2.  My most favorite aspect of being a stylist is that there is always something "new" to learn. I am constantly learning different methods and techniques, and the industry is constantly brimming over with innovation. Coupled with this is the fact that the fundamentals/foundational aspects of styling have remained constant and true despite all the innovation truly withstanding the 'test of time' thus proving their certainty & validity.
  Needs to be addressed in 2016, are the same from the past 100 years. There is a dire need for the State Boards to require all licensed professionals to gain a certain amount of CEU credits annually. We are one of few professions where we are not given standards to maintain/uphold post licensing. That's a major problem.

YouTube can be both good and bad. There is a ton of information on YouTube, which is wonderful. You can get valuable knowledge and know-how from this outlet instantly. As great as this is, however, you have to use a certain amount of caution. Unfortunately, YouTube isn't regulated, in that anyone can put any information without necessarily having to prove their credibility, nor having to credentialize themselves. Thus, you have a mixture of true experts/professionals, mixed up with people who have a knack to do something, or its a hobby, and they're just putting info out there, regardless of its validity.

Gerdie René Gordon, MDiv, MSW
The Beauty Boutique, Inc.