As I am moving through this series of why professional stylist are still relevant I realized that I had to Include my Barbers as well.   Of course I had to go talk to one of my favorite sasoned Barbers.When I meet Kevin he had already been a Barber for a while,( I won't disclose the real time).He immediately showed clear signs of financial success and as a new stylist coming into the salon arena I was looking for that success as well. I respected his work ethic immediately. Most of the time he was at work already when I was just showing up. I learned really quickly to hustle a lot harder. The early bird got the worm & the money. At that time a stylist/Barber that wanted to build a clientele,came to work whether their clients were on the way or not. You would come in sit & wait,we built our relationships and bonds that way though. Sometime no one would come in,but most time people did, & so a clientele was built.  Kevin would be there to capture the early clients most people missed. I watched that consistency pay off for him.
That was then, fast forward to 2016. Big Kevin is more than a seasoned veteran. He is one of the few knowledgeable barbers who are still around relevant and nice with his. My concern as you should know by now is what has Youtube done to his industry. Glad to know nothing!!!! Guys are not at home attempting to cut ,color and style their own hair.   Of course they only spend about $ 50-60 a month and women can do that in a week at a salon but with the right hairstyle it can be budgeted . If your a barber good for you...Lol yes that was a little hate. Seriously if you need a barber he too needs to be a licensed professional. There are certain scalp issues that only they can identify. How can you stop your man from balding early? Is that a genetic issue or not?