3 Steps to Healthier Skin......... No Dark Spots!

Lets talk about why skincare? Why a Skincare System? What is it's function? Skincare is what we should use to wash our face instead of using soap & some random moisturizer. Understand there is also a balance that your skin needs to function properly! What comes out is always a product of what you put in. For those of you who wear makeup, a soft remover first is recommended #artistrymakeupremover.  Then for a follow up we go in with a facial cleanser, toner & moisturizer . The ARTISTRY Hydra V System is to me one the most well adjusting systems, made for all skin types. It is a hydrating system which is well needed at a time where people are Very dehydrated! Most of our bodies are lacking enough water to function so it gets pulled from the skin. Obviously leaving our skin void of hydration causing signs of early aging, using a skincare system is like using the same shampoo & conditioner from one company. It creates a balance that the hair needs to function properly ....like life balance is key.

A facial scrub monthly #artistryonly KEEPS FRESHNESS &  Allows New Skin To Be Revealed.

I strongly suggest also to be as consistent as you can be. Meaning for some of you who this is a new task, it is only a routine that should take no longer than 2minutes. You are working on a 30 day routine of cleanse,tone & moisturize. It takes 21 DAYS TO CREATE A NEW HABIT !