So what exactly is texlaxed? This new terminology... Why?

Ok, I will admit, I am Johnny come lately to this social media scene.  So, I find myself in trend with some things but not in others & thats ok. Learning new words and their meanings is awkward. Interesting twist is when you know the words original meaning. What I do realize mostly is that people need to slow down in order to speed up. You can get so caught up in someone else's lookthat you don't love your own.   You follow people on IG that look like they have it all together all the time.  How real can that be?  Seriously!    There are so many beautiful women in this industry. Who do you trust with your hair? Well thats up to you, a great idea would be a word of mouth referral.  Someone in your state, preferably in your town if possible.  Stylist actually respect and love when a person comes to them and says "someone referred me" Sometimes they give a monetary referral incintive. Sometimes!  

So what is a texlaxer? That is when a natural person texturizes their hair.  So y'all named it textlaxer because you were bored with the name texturizer? I think some people are confused so let me clear it up.  If you are natural and put any chemicals in your hair, you have a chemical in your hair!  You now have to treat it is as such when it comes to its maintenance. Yourshampoos, conditioners and creams that were for natural hair now have to be adjusted. For some of you who go to Dominican salons and you got that special conditioner you may have already been texlaxed.  

Be aware that:

 1. You may experience breakage

  2.  Adjust to what style options may change, since you altered your curl pattern.  You may not have a twist out.  

Are you texlaxed?  Are you natural and want to be texturized?  

Mjis..... Love your look!