How to make YouTube hair videos work for you?

Do you remember the time someone else's opinion helped pay your bills?   Me either, so although I would consider myself qualified, these are my opinions. I'm right thou, just know that. Anyway, I want to give some particular attention to this, so you have a better understanding of how to make decisions on how to choose a look.

A mini consultation if you will...... 

  •   What is your profession? 
  •   Do you have colored hair? 
  •   Are you married? 
  •   Is your hair long or short currently? 
  •   Are you open to different styles? 
  •   How often do you shampoo? 

Now keep in mind there are lots more questions to be asked, but based on those answers is what the others would depend on, so let's stop there. YES! Are you married?, is a favorite question of mine.  You wanna know why?  ASK ME LATER.   Anyway ALL stylist are not created equal.

  • Have you ever been to a hair stylist who rocks the hell out of a short cut, but hair doesn't seem to be able to grow out?
  • Someone who doesn't style great but your hair is nice and healthy.
  • Someone who is a colorist but doesn't tell you daily maintenance outside of the salon.

I could go on, but I wont. All that to say we are all creative artists who are different , yes different. We all posses a different skill set and can be sensitive about our work. I like Ericka Badu's quote better... "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit"!  That sums it up a lot more meaningfully.   If you were fortunate to find that winning combination for yourself congrats. It is rare, but it does happen.  If you have not found someone at all, fortunately there is help. 

Guess what? I know this is the land of social media but the internet has pro's and cons. Some of the videos you see ARE NOT FOR YOU. Let me repeat, some of videos you see ARE NOT FOR YOU.   
LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO READ INTO IT. All of you who want to DYI be careful. I suggest you follow a few simple rules. If a stylist is doing the video even if you have the same product it still may not come out the same. STOP LEAVING OUT THAT IS THEIR GIFT. It is not only the product or tools that do the do the trick. LISTEN TO HEAR IF THE PERSON SAYS THEY ARE LICENSED. Especially if they are promoting chemicals that includes shampoo and conditioners. You also have to realize that whether you are natural or not we all have different hair textures that will be better suited with different products. Let me also dispel the myth that says being natural is easier. That too, is not true for everyone. It depends on hair type and lifestyle. 

If you don't know what to do with your hair or have decided and are in the midst of transitioning, ASK FOR HELP FROM A QUALIFIED STYLIST. I want you all to know you ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL.  We have so many options to consider. Know that and own that.  Hate what I say or love what I say, share what has been said. We need to be informed.
Mjis.... Love your look!