My family trip to Key West, Florida.......

I am such a chicken! We are on this great adventure to Key West today and I'm scared. This journey on these little roads are worst than I remember. When I'm surrounded by this much water I like to be on a boat. I have not been here since I was a child and though it's very modern and built up I have chills driving across the Keys. I'm certain I am being ridiculous but oh well.   When I was younger this is one of the locations I would come to in the summer. Things really look so different,but I guess it should it's been 30 years. That sounds crazy but it is a fact 30 years!

What's the reason for this adventure why bother? I took this trip because I needed to getsome information clear about my grandfather. Though it was a little rough getting there,it exceeded my expectations. I found the plaque where his name is listed for his service in world War II where he lost his life. My grandfather Walter Mickens was a Cuban who came to Key West where he meet and married my grandmother. They had two sons one of which was my father ,whom he never got to meet. I was told by my great uncle Thomas( my grandfather's brother) for years to always remember my name. That our name was something to be proud of. He instilled that since of pride in us from young. We spent some summers with him in California as well. All in all it turned out to be a great trip. I recalled lots of fond memories and felt a connection that I didn't know I needed to my grandfather. Proud is what I felt that I could show this to my sons.They know they are made of great stock.