Love this quote so much. It only makes so much sense. My friend said this past week as we walked past Christmas trees at the mall, “Ooh,  come on its not holiday time yet.”  I had to remind her of how fast time is passing by,  and once Halloween is over you’re two weeks away from the next holiday. Maybe not two weeks but you get the point. You have two weeks to prepare, then the next holiday is here. That said let’s begin.....let’s make your proper hair appointments. If you attend a salon regularly then you should be on the schedule already. If you don't have regular stylists listen up. Just think for a moment where you would like to go & get a consultation. Be creative, but honest.  Come with at least two ideas of a hair style you may like, and then be open for suggestions based on the condition of your hair.
It's always easy if you have a plan, then you can get what you really want & have time to prepare if you need something. For example someone may want a color, but a patch test before may be necessary. These things have a time requirements before hand, and running in the same day or week doesn't work. Allow yourself time to be pampered.

Are you the chick who comes in on the eve of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years with your head on fire and need a hair do, not now but right now? Lol, then you verbally abuse the stylist that says she can't fit you in. Is that you???? Well stop, don't be her this year, make time to make an appointment.
Guess what?  Just so you know, if you make an appointment and miss it don't expect to be able to get rescheduled anytime soon.   You now are viewed as not valuing our time or service. Even better some of us require deposits…yes deposits. Not because we want to be mean. In this profession all we have is a certain time to create income. There is no time to rebook & still make the income we need to. Oh, I know people quickly forget that stylists are people too. We love our clients so we need to stay on schedule in order to give the proper service you deserve , oh and we like to make money too!

What are some of your favorite holiday style choices? Who would like some suggestions?

Mjis..... Love your look!