I HATE THAT I HAVE a blog when I want to talk about something else. Yes, I want to give you some hair care advice that is down to earth and simple. Yes, I want you to remember you shouldn't try everything at home. Yes, I really want you to get and keep the concept that we are all different and so our hair will be. BUT I really want you to know how phenomenal you are!

There is a quote that says "Beautiful isn't something you become it's something you realize you are"! PLEASE know that. I have such a love hate relationship sometimes with his damn beauty industry because we keep getting it twisted and confused. Unfortunately I know how true it is that so many of us women suffer from self esteem issues. I hear it almost everyday and I wonder when will enough be enough?? We have allowed ourselves to come to such a bad place when we feel like we need to wake up flawless or alter our bodies to the point of no return. A good friend of mine said the other day "women are getting their bodies to look like something that only looks good with their in a pillow." Lol, she is so right we are enhancing to look like dolls and if I'm not mistaken only kids played with dolls. Boys not men play then get bored and want to pass their toys around for pure entertainment. Problem is your a person with feelings who just happens to have a bodacious booty, and tremendous tits. You're not a toy to be played with and thrown away, but that's exactly whats happening.

So I'm in this industry seeing all kinds of ish... and I'm tired.
Tired of hearing people not love themselves. Tired of not knowing how much more before you guys get it. True beauty is that glow, that vibrance,  that radiance that comes from inside. Its not age, maybe its time and circumstance?  When it comes though it comes like a light when a switch flips on and you wake up like that! Then again maybe its just the fullness of your life? What are you filled up with?

Please believe the hype We Are All Already BEAUTIFUL . You have to Believe it, Own it & just be free enough in your mind to know enhancing what you have is enough. Its that beauty from the inside out ish you should be chasing.

Thanks mom for being the best example of a beautiful woman.

Mjis..... Love your look!