I'm finally all grown up now. Finally I am getting into my accessories. I would always see women who look so great with their earrings, scarves,glasses,etc.  I would say "OK,  I'm gonna get myself together and do that."  When I say that NEVER happened till right now... and I mean right now,  last week. I'm officially hooked, so now you may see me over the top and I don't care. I will no longer leave a store and say "next time." There NEVER is a next time. It's ridiculous that some people talk themselves into 1,000 dollar bags and shoes and I would have trouble with a pair of shades or something. Just as dumb as that was, its over. I am in a mid life swing or something. 
Since I am not super girly though, this also gives me more stuff to have to keep up with. Not too certain I like that part,  but oh well damn it im grown. What I mainly realized is that I have more style options for my hair in the morning. Let me get to my list though and I can tell you why.

I know I am a little slow to the movement but not just sun glasses or reading glasses. There is a cute movement happening with just style glasses. Love them, and for me they have always been a great way to accent your hairstyle. I would sit my shades mainly on my head to hold down the front when it wouldn't lay straight or help keep my side part to the side. Think about a bun or ponytail with the right fashion glasses. It could make the look more sophisticated or playful either way its up to you. Point is they help a plain hair day turn special.


What a difference they can make.  Big ones can set the tone and bring out your face. Small ones can keep you low key and dainty. If your hair is not on fleek grab a pair, they draw focus to the ear not the head. 


Well that's plain simple...they cover totally, and depending on where your going, they are the hair for the day. Hands downs hats rule and are a must have in the accessory kit.


Now this is not a personal favorite of mine, but still awesome. I will rock a scarf around my neck,  just not on my head yet. Oh wait I take that back.  I will wear that kinda gypsy look with my hair long. Ladies if you are going to wear a head scarf as a look, let it go with your attire and not be a bandanna unless its a workout . They have satin bandannas now, those are safe. Please coat your hair with some type of oil to cover your hair and prevent dryness under your scarf or wrap.

I know I said the best ways to assist a bad hair day, but truth is these accessories are great all the time just in general. If you were like me and never utilized these tools, welcome with me.  Are you a newbie too?

Mjis.... Love your look!