5 Things NOT to do to your hair before bed.

     This seems like some really basic stuff that even I have not always mastered . I know easier said than done but at least now you can't say you never heard it. So before marriage and kids I was faithful to wrapping my hair & wearing a satin scarf. So faithful that my hair was trained to wrap with my fingers. I know good for me, and here is the but...not anymore. The scarf well that went out of the window, trying to be cute some nights. That turned into a habit of me saying , well I am a stylist I can fix it in the morning. It also turned into me not having nice easy to manage hair the morning. Aside from that being dumb , it was much more time consuming. So I too feel victim to the I'm married so I need to be sexy at night thing. Now let me tell you what I NEVER did.
                                NO WET HAIR
Now I know this is based according to style, but naturalista's work with me a moment. If you do your twist out at night that's not for you. I mean just wet loose hair. The shaft should be closed down before you lay down. Run a warm dryer over your scalp for 30 seconds or something. Brush all the hair together try not to just leave it loose. Wet hair is fragile & can tangle or become knotted,weaken the ends, cause split ends etc.
                              LEAVE CONDITIONERS IN
Pointless & depending on the conditioner ( protein /keratin)) could be harmful. Once that hair shaft is filled its done receiving the product. Its like there is just no more room. In most cases its not like the longer the better. Unless its a LEAVE IN CONDITIONER DON'T LEAVE IT IN.
                           MAGNETIC ROLLERS
Those are the ones that are for salon use with the roller clips. Sleeping in those could be totally damaging. Even if your a face sleeper you move. The pins can clip or break off the hair from movement. They are not to be laid on. There are so many soft rollers that can be used or pin curl with your fingers and the bobby pin it.
It is always better to have dry soft hair. Trying to keep a style in place with holding sprays over night will damage the hair . Movement through the night will too cause possible breakage.
                           RUBBER BANDS
PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE lets not just rip the hair right from your head altogether. I mean there are scrunches, loose bands for ponytails. Also be sure to keep them loose at night to relieve stress or tension from the scalp or edges especially. 

Those are some basics there are more to come but if there are questions,
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