Fall Ready


I am not prepared! Its got me a little annoyed at myself honestly. Oh! pardon me I am just going to jump into this. I have been #hashtagging everything #mjisisfallready and I am not. Why I don't know. As a woman, wife, mommy etc. I need to remember to stay scheduled. I realize that I made a schedule that didn't include all of me yet. What was missing was the ever so valuable alone time with me. The time when I'm not doing a damn thing, just being. We are human beings not human doings. I constantly remind myself of that to keep me in check. I revamped the schedule though and I am all the way in it. How about you ??? Did you think about how your time is spent ? Do you include yourself doing nothing? Its a good way to think and most times you may wind up napping. The way the subconscious works is amazing, if you say I'm going to take a nap you may end up laying down with a million thoughts running through your mind. 

I had to learn that since I do things in one hour breakdowns that when my phone rings maybe I look it to make sure its not the boys school but that's it.  If you start a phone conversation or decide to wash dishes the time I had blocked out to do that specific thing you missed it. For me it would be writing. Sometime I suffer with anxiety because I would constantly think of all the things I need to get done and not know where to start. Then I used proceed to waste a half an hour scrambling. I work on that constantly so I don't waste time. When I had my third baby it took some adjusting. So now that he is almost two I can get back to things that are regular to me. Sleep, spiritual time, hair, nails, working out,classes,etc. Those things that create balance that seem be the most out of balance need to take precedence over other people's stuff first. If you don't care for yourself you can not care for others. Join me on this fit challenge. Take away 2 things in your diet & add one kind of exercise that you can keep up with. #livingsmart when you do! 

So I grabbed some more accessories hats, scarves, glasses , extensions and all sorts of fall jewelry. So as the weather transitions so can we! What are some of your favorite style suggestions? Please share with me so I can be cute  too! One things is for sure....I have my light up lip gloss! #Artistry.

Mjis.... Love Your Look!