Do you live in a food desert?

 Since I am back I certainly want to dig a little deeper. What do you mean Michell? well I'm glad you asked. This beauty industry is so deep we need to get the real root of the problem. It's all about the state of health your body is in, that depends on what you see when you look in the mirror. I know you always hear it, you have been hearing it for years, you should eat healthy,drink plenty of water & exercise. Yes, yes, it is easier said than done, but eating better must be figured out as a part of life.

   I am so afraid of the lies we are believing about our body. A few years ago about 7 to be exact, I was told about a program. This program was just not about how to loose weight, BUT ABOUT HOW TO EAT RIGHT for your blood type. Not to be mistaken for a diet, It basically identifies food based on each persons bood type.  

  It is broken down into categories, such as  beneficial, toxic & neutral. In other words it doesn't limit your food intake, just tells you what foods work properly in your body. Anyway I have been utilizing the information cooking/eating with & for my family & my results have been phenomenal. 

   My goal is & has always been to allow myself the pleasure of enjoying food. One could say I am a foodie & proud of it! When I looked at the list of food that was good for my O blood type I was so happy to see that I was eating a lot of beneficial food already. My problem was getting all that sugar out of my body, it was killing me literally. I learned how control my spending even more as well. I was able to crack down on my budget which I love since I'm frugal. Literally my focus was on food that was on the beneficial list. There was such a variety of food that it forced me to expand my palate.

  This is when I realized that I live in a food desert... What is that anyway? Well my friends a food desert is when you live in a place so full of one type of culture ,the food purchased that gets sent into that neighborhood are typically limited. You may have really basic fruits & vegetables that assumingly one culture eats, not allowing any options or variety.

 When you consider your local grocery store think about if there are at least 8 choices  for your vegetable selection. Is it very rare to see fresh produce as well in your neighborhood? Maybe just maybe the time you spend on going clothes shopping/hunting could be spent on finding different resources for better food.

  If you recognize what im saying & care to give yourself more options, look into how to get things delivered if you do not drive. If you do drive go into another area outside of your county even if you think you live in a nice neighborhood , so you can notice the differences.  Not only will you have a better understanding of what is purposely happening but you may be a able to find foods that expand your palate as well. You will definitely be annoyed at the lack of choices you see in some places.

   What ever you do understand that  the least healthiest foods are put in certain places to prevent optimum health. IF You want great hair, youthful skin and a sexy body, you must make a plan for your health. Looking good comes so much easier when your body is healthy. I am a black woman so culturally my people ate poorly  because we were given scraps to eat & our ancestors made it work for survival. Now that we are in 2018 we have the ability to make better food decisions. 

  Eating right for your blood type has been my personal favorite. I am suggesting that you stop the random latest weight loss fad & yes check out how to simply change your eating habits to make it a lifestyle that works for you.

I jumped all in because I got sick, don't let that be your scenario. A simple way to start is ...

     1. To take one thing out of your diet that has sugar ( soda, juice , bread, etc.) For the month.

      2. Add in one new vegetable for the month.

If you continue that process you will have removed most sugars from your diet over the year. Mark my words you will also see a body transformation that you will love. You will also eliminate the cravings created by all the false signals your body was telling you, creating a natural balance in your diet that works for you....and it's only you that matters! ...Happy eating!